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This is a forum for all the fans of L.J. Smith's series the Vampire Diaries and the TV series.
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Hey and welcome to the Vampire Diaries! This is a forum for all the fans of L.J. Smith's book series the Vampire Diaries and the TV series with Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley! Here you can talk about the books and TV series, rolpay, have fun contests, play games and much more! We hope you enjoy it here and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact either an admin or mod, they are here to make sure everything works as it should, and help you!
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 A little help

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PostSubject: A little help   Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:52 pm

First read this before you ask something because your question can be here. Also read the FAQ and see if it's there. Hope this help you!

Messaging / PM

Q: What is a PM?
A: A PM is a "private message". Below a user's post there is a little button that says "MP", that could be a typo, or it could also mean "message private". Either way, it is the same thing as PM.

Posting a reply to a topic

Q: How do I get a picture to show up in my post?
A: If the pic is saved to your computer, just click the "host an image button" (3rd one in the 2nd row) find the pic on your computer, and upload it! From there copy the code you want to use (either the thumbnail version or the full picture version) and then past it into your post. ((Thanks to shojogirl for the first half of the answer to this question!)

Q: I know that what I'm about to post is a spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen this new episode, how do I hide the text so that no one accidently stumbles on it?
A: In the table above there is a button that says: Others. Click that and on the drop down menu it says spoilers click that and it will give you this code. Type in between the two brakcets: ]type[

Icon / Avatar Picture

Q: How do I get an avatar/icon/picture under my user name?
A: In the navigation bar click 'Profile', then click the link; 'Avatar'. From there, there are several different ways to upload an avatar for you to use.


Q: How do I get a signature?
A: In the nav bar click "Profile", then "Signature". Enter what you would like your signature to be, and make sure to click "Save".

Q: Is there a size limit on the signature?
A: Well, we don't really have a set limit... but I think that a good size would be
Height: 175 Width: 580 Or smaller. Cause that seems to be a good average size, in my opinion at least.
*shrug* It doesn't matter too much, as long as it doesn't stretch the page, I guess.

Q: Why won't my signature show up?
A: In the nav bar click "Profile", the "Preferences". About half way down there should be an option that says "Always attach my signature", make sure that the bubble for that option is set to "Yes". Click "Save".


Q: What is a rank?
A: A rank is a title that you get when you have a certain number of posts.

Q: What are the titles for the ranking system?
A: The ranking system is listed here in the Rank Reveal thread.


Q: How can I contact an Admin?
A: You can contact us through PM.
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A little help

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